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Third Quarter Earnings Season and easyMarkets Bring Huge Added Value to Customers | New

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The earning season is an exciting time for traders and easyMarkets has again launched several products and services to help their clients during this very busy time. These new features include the integration of a unique and convenient new platform, the addition of even more stocks listed in the US and a very beneficial addition of functionality to the popular easyTrade ticket.

easyMarkets offers even more choices to its traders, with the ability to integrate their easyMarkets account with TradingView.

TradingView is both a social network for traders and a trading platform. It enables advanced charting, sharing of trading and transaction ideas, and allows users to perform different types of trades within the same platform. Customers can use the TradingView platform with the terms and instruments of easyMarkets. It also means that trades opened on TradingView can be monitored and closed both on the web platform and the easyMarkets trading app.

easyMarkets also recently added twelve hugely popular US listed stocks to its already impressive selection. Nio, Disney, Nike, Uber, Boeing, Nvidia, JPMorgan, Mastercard, Alphabet, Twitter, P&G, Pfizer.

These new stocks are also available on MT4, for traders more familiar with this popular platform.

Finally, easyTrade, one of easyMarkets’ most popular trading tickets – which allows spread-free trading, has no margin requirements (and in turn no margin stops), provides access to high leverage and has a maximum exposure amount which is set by the trader – got an extremely useful feature. Called a payout target, this basically works as a profit limit for easyTrade, allowing you to avoid additional exposure once you hit your target rate / price. This automatically closes the transaction “in the money” protecting you and your account against unforeseen reversals. This is especially useful when the markets are volatile immediately after the results are released.

Third Quarter Earnings Season Actions

Here is just a small selection of easyMarkets stock offerings and their reporting dates, for more information visit our trading platform or our Stocks page.

Netflix – NFX – Oct. 19

P&G – PNG – Oct 19

Tesla – TSL – 20-Oct

AT&T – ATT – 21-Oct

Intel – INT – 21-Oct

Facebook – FBK – 25-Oct

Microsoft – MSF – 26-Oct

Visa – VSA – 26-Oct

Twitter – TWT – 26-Oct

Apple – APL – 27-Oct

Ford – FRD – 27-Oct

Mc Donald’s – MCD – 27-Oct

Boeing – BNG – 27-Oct

Alphabet – GOO – 27-Oct

Mastercard – MAC – 28-Oct

Chevron – CVX – 29-Oct

Exxon Mobil – EXO – 29-Oct

Pfizer – PFE – 2-Nov

Alibaba – BAB – 3-Nov

Uber – UBE – November 4

Cisco – CSC – 10-Nov

Disney – DIS – 10-Nov

Nio – NIO – 15-Nov

Nvidia – NVD – 17-Nov

About easyMarkets

easyMarkets has been around for over twenty years, providing its customers with fair and competitive trading. We offer several tools and terms that help our clients manage their exposure while in the markets, including the innovative dealCancellation which allows traders to reverse losing trades within 1, 3 or 6 hours after opening. ‘a position. The single easyTrade ticket allows zero spread trading with no margin requirement and a trader-defined maximum blocked exposure level. We also offer tight fixed spreads that never change during trading hours, a free and guaranteed stop loss, and profit and negative balance protection.

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Ohad Golan (CMO), easyMarkets, +357 25 828899, [email protected]

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