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CHICAGO, 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Klover, the free financial services platform, today announced the appointment of the Director of Pinterest, Meredith Guerriero, as chief operating officer of the company. Guerriero, alongside the co-founders, Brian Mandelbaum, CEO and Dominique bennett, CTO, will lead the charge in creating a new type of bank that provides income to consumers as well as free financial products and services.

A standard 125 million American adults live paycheck to paycheck. Klover was founded with the goal of leveling the playing field for all consumers through the value of their unique data. By leveraging transaction data that users voluntarily share, Klover partners with brands to provide personalized recommendations to help them make smarter financial decisions.

“Money is such an emotional thing. I grew up living paycheck to paycheck and I understand how essential a service like Klover can be to millions of Americans. which pushed me to join the team, ”said Guerriero. “I firmly believe in Klover’s mission to level the playing field by improving people’s financial lives with free tools and services driven by you. It’s time for the power to be put back in the hands of consumers.”

Due to emerging rules from Apple and Google impacting the effectiveness and targeting available to advertisers, Klover offers a proven alternative in the market. The company will embark on full-service banking, providing consumers with meaningful and free financial health-focused tools and services that will reward users for money spent and actions taken. The company will provide users with a combination of the feel of community banking and the advanced technological power of today’s high-tech banking applications. Currently, Klover has 3 million users and has grown over 1000% in the past year.

Guerriero has a long, distinguished career building and growing billion dollar companies into large tech companies. Most recently, she was VP of Sales and Partnerships at Pinterest, where she was hired to grow the business and execute pre-IPO strategies. She was responsible for over a third of the company’s revenue with Fortune 500 Partners and managed the direct sales team. Before Pinterest, Guerriero was brought to Facebook in 2015 to develop the nascent healthcare industry. She has successfully navigated businesses with very complex regulations and policies across politics, advocacy, nonprofits, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Prior to Facebook, she spent 10 years at Google, rising through the ranks to being Global Automotive Director and ultimately Global Director, Programmatic Platforms & Solutions.

“We have a real opportunity to eliminate the shame and embarrassment that surrounds personal finances,” Guerriero continued. “We have reached a record number of families living paycheck to paycheck, and I want to help give them a different path by using a new asset, data. Most importantly, I am very passionate about leading by example and leading the way for women. The representation of women in the C-suite, in particular in Fintech, is lacking. I want to change this. Excited to see the impact we are having! “


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Klover’s mission is to level the playing field of the financial game for all consumers through the value of their unique data. Using Klover’s platform, millions of consumers can access their earned pay, savings tools, and rewards in seconds with no interest, no credit checks, and no hidden fees. Unlike many financial institutions that rely heavily on consumer fees, Klover’s business model revolves around leveraging data and information authorized by consumers in concert with trusted partners. Klover was founded in 2019 and is based in Chicago. For more information visit

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