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Coronavirus update: Canada suspends vaccination mandates for most domestic and international travel

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COVID-19 updates from Canada and around the world

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Pandemic recovery

  • The end of many vaccination mandates for travel to Canada leads to predictions of further travel surges – and congested airports. Richard Vanderlubbe, CEO of travel agency, said he expects demand for vacation packages to increase by 10% due to the move. But he adds that a small segment of Canadians may be more reluctant to board a plane or train, given that neighboring passengers may never have been tricked.
  • Oil prices rose today as tight global supply outweighed fears that fuel demand could be hit by a possible recession and new COVID-19 restrictions in China.
  • US federal officials are at a crossroads on how to get inflation under control and get the economy back to pre-pandemic levels.

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John Ibbitson: If Pierre Poilievre ignores calls to pivot to the center, he poses a real threat to the Liberals

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