International Demand

Austin ISD says one campus is overcrowded

International High School and Eastside Early College High School share a location and some fear the campus is overcrowded.

AUSTIN, Texas — An ISD Austin campus is running out of space.

International High School and Eastside Early College High School share a location east of downtown Austin. AISD Communications and Community Engagement Manager Jason Stanford confirmed that both schools are holding classes in areas of campus that were not intended to be classrooms, such as lecture halls. conference.

Amber Nunez’ mother is a teacher at International High School. Speaking on behalf of her mother, she said she sometimes teaches in the hallway.

“Some teachers use whiteboards to separate themselves from others and outside distractions,” Nunez said.

Nunez said the campus has held several fire drills over the past week. She fears that in the event of an emergency, students, teachers, professors and staff may not be able to escape the building in time.

She said her mother felt Austin ISD had dropped the ball on the new campus.

“The community is being misled,” Nunez read from a text by his mother. “They believe the school is a great new addition to AISD.”

The issue is just one of many plastered on signs held by teachers and parents outside Austin ISD headquarters Thursday afternoon. Nunez said her concerns have been forwarded to the district fire marshal, but she and others have yet to receive a direct response.

Austin ISD said International High School and Eastside High School had hundreds more students this school year.

In a statement to KVUE, the district said:

International Secondary School and Eastside Early College Secondary School are located at the school. Our refugee population has more than doubled this year, from less than 200 to nearly 400. We have never had so many students at International. We are working to find a way to continue to welcome our international students and meet the growing demand from our refugees.

Stanford said there were 395 students at International High School and 605 students at Eastside Early College High School, for a total of 1,000 students at the single and shared campus. He said the school was only meant for 800 students, teachers and other faculty and staff. However, the fire code says they can have up to 5,389 people in the building.

Still, Nunez said something had to be done in order to give students, educators and staff a fighting chance.

“We love Austin ISD. We’re big supporters and believers in public school, and so does my family,” Nunez said. “It’s very difficult to intervene and even say something, but something has to be done.”

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