International Demand

Afghan women demand government jobs and representation

KABUL: Dozens of Afghan women from all walks of life protested in Kabul calling on the Taliban to provide government jobs and equal representation in society, media reported.
Some of the women who took part in Wednesday’s protest were former employees of the Independent Civil Service and Administrative Reform Commission, who lost their jobs following the Taliban takeover last August, reported. TOLO News.
One of these participants, Ferozan Amiri, said: “We, the women working in the Independent Commission for Administrative Reform and Civil Service, and the 28% of the active forces of the government department, suffered major damage with the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Decision of the Taliban on the ministries of August 15, 2021. ”
The protesters also issued a resolution that included five points: allow women to work; meaningful inclusion of women in government decision-making body on women’s affairs; policy formation to support women’s rights; preservation of positions held by women; and creating a safe environment for women.
“Women are concerned about the fate of jobs in the (Independent Commission for Administrative and Civil Service Reform). You know, this institution is neutral. About 28% of the civil service is held by women,” TOLO said. News, citing another protester, Khujusta. Ilham, as said.
Meanwhile, Taliban officials said there had been no decision to exclude women from the government structure.
“The question of the activity of women in (government) departments is under discussion. After an assessment, if the presence of women is necessary in a department, they will work in the same positions and the same departments,” Bilal Karimi said. , a deputy spokesperson for the Taliban.
To consider the recognition of the current Afghan government, the international community demands respect for human rights, women’s rights and the formation of an inclusive government.