The most common reason Colombians save

The custom of saving is not very popular in South America. The short-term trend makes people worry about what will happen in the coming weeks or months, and not about the events that will take place in the long term. But in Colombia the situation is beginning to change.

In the last months of 2017, 8 out of 10 Colombians said they intend to start a savings plan, which means that more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of saving a portion of their income.

The objectives to save can be several

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Take vacations, cover the initial fee to buy a home, pay for a car, save for retirement, etc. But what is the most common reason why Colombians want to start saving?

According to the firm credit lender, which developed a study in the last months of 2017, the main reason for saving for most Colombians is to face times of shortages, that is, to build a fund for emergencies.

Best financial decisions

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Having such a fund is, according to experts, one of the best financial decisions, as it will allow you to face situations such as accidents, sudden illnesses and even possible unemployment. Aware of this, more and more Colombians are making the decision to include savings in the budget, and save a portion of their money.

Although saving is not as easy as it seems

Although saving is not as easy as it seems

Understanding that it is the only way to be prepared to face emergencies and to ensure a good retirement, allows people to become aware of its importance and make certain changes in their habits. And you? Are you willing to join that group?

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